Friday, July 3, 2009

That’s Not A Shoe, That’s The Whole Closet

It just had to be one of those days.

Always on a holiday it seems.

It started as a windy, rainy day. Not a down pour rain. Just that unpleasant drizzly all day long kind.

I should have known. It’s a holiday weekend. I should have prepared myself. But no.
Not me.

It was a four needle day. Because? Because why not.
Then my pressure decided to hang out in the 70s and 80s the whole time.
So of course we turn the UF off. That’s the ultraflitration. That’s what removes the extra fluid.
Needless to say I left heavy. A lot. A liter heavy. For a weekend.

Then we had to figure out why my pressure may be dropping so much. We think it may be the Xanax.
So on Sunday I won’t be taking it before hand. Hopefully that will fix that problem.
And we can get the fluid off.

After all that grief and I can’t take the darn pill now.
The whole thing stinks.

I was holding out though. There had to be a bright spot in there somewhere.
At least I knew where my tripod was so I could take firework pictures.
And they did find me a first shift spot for Sunday so I wouldn’t have to be feeling yucky all day waiting to go at 3PM.
I will leave here at 5:30AM, but I just might be home at about 1PM.
That will be cool.

So armed with my happy thoughts I headed home to find fireworks going off.
They had them yesterday instead of today.

Well damn.
Another holiday shot to hell.

Tonight I plan on sitting on the porch drinking my Mikes’ Hard Lemonade and eating chips and dip and sulking.

Anyone wishing to partake in the above may join me.

I still have one happy thought left to carry me the weekend.

With that last thought I hope everyone has a great weekend :)

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