Thursday, July 30, 2009

So Close

We have guests coming this weekend. If you’ve followed me on Twitter you will know we’ve been cleaning and getting everything ready.

You may not know just how much there was to do.

We had to move in January and we only had a month.
A month that I spent most of in the hospital.

Well Mr. Gow never did do stress well.
So nothing was packed until moving day.

Oh yeah.

Nothing was gone through. It was grab and stuff. Things were tossed in with other things all nilly willy.
And nothing was washed or cleaned beforehand.

That meant stuff was dirty and dusty. And then stuffed into the extra bedroom/game room, boxes and bags all over. Dust all over the place.  Just not good. Just too much.
It wasn’t pretty.

I wanted Nicee to swoop on in and fix it. But as bad as it was, it wasn’t that bad. That goodness!

This week I finally got him in gear. It took six hours, but we did it.
We had at least seven big garbage bags of, well, garbage. Things we didn’t need, or were broken or empty bottles and boxes.

The good news is if we have to move again, we are ready to pack. We threw out so much stuff it was ridiculous.

We are in the final push of it now. I hope to have the kitchen and bedroom finished this morning.
I’ve left a list for Mr. Gow. It should take him about an hour to do it all.

But it is all worth it. It feels better. Lighter.
It’s nice to not see boxes and junk everywhere you look.

I hope they have a great time. I think it’ll be good visit.

At least the house is clean.

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