Monday, July 13, 2009

Snackie Knows and So Do I


I was over visiting Snackiepoo's Snackie Sunday earlier today.  I understand the topic this week very well. I thought of leaving a comment ( I may still) it just seemed it would be far to long a list of grief for a simple comment. Some already know about all of this. Feel free to run over to her blog while the rest finishing reading.

Here we go:

* The floors are beyond uneven.
* The basement smells.  A LOT.
* The kitchen sink and floor never seem to come clean. There is always a white color film-like thing going on. I’ve used cleanser and it still won’t come clean.
* The kitchen floor and hall are made of very small roundish tiles. I hate tile. It’s over-rated if you don’t have a cleaning lady to clean it for you. I never want to hear the word tile ever again. Stupid stupid tile.
* The windows aren’t quite closed up at the bottom. Which means every kind of bug comes on in when it gets cold at night.
* No washer and dryer. Mom bought a washer but not a dryer. It requires a special hookup. Even if we did get one it would have to go into the basement and yeah, did I mention it smells. A LOT. (Side note: Anyone know just how much lint gets on a sweater when it’s washed with a towel? I do! I do! A LOT!)
* The kitchen is a cave. I think there may actually be a  family of bears sleeping in the cabinet.  To find your way around you need a 400 watt lamp.
* The heating and cooling vents are on the floor. That means less space to put furniture.  I hear it’s a bad thing to cover them up.
* Trying to open some of the doors is like a fight to the death. The doors are winning.
* And lets not forget the bathroom window. It’s situated right next to the toilet. Literally. You can look out over the backyard or the neighbors porch while you pee.  I imagine they can see us pee while they flip burgers on their grill.
* It’s also a much longer walk than one thinks to get to the bathroom. It’s about a quarter of a mile from the front of the apartment.  That was a ton of fun when I was on the Lasix.

I can say the front porch is the best part. The Queen and I sit outside when it’s not storming or cold. So we’ve sat out there four or five times already.

So there is the joy that is my newish home.

Winter should bring yet more surprises and fun.

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