Monday, July 27, 2009

A Quick Nay and Yay

Saturday was a little of both day.

A new person put me on.
Oh the not so joy that it was.

First she didn’t let the lido numb up enough. Then she had to dig around on top of that. It felt like a razor blade inside my leg.
But if that was not enough, she yelled at me for crying and jerking, then mocked me later to another nurse right in front of me.

I don’t think I like her.

That was the bad part.

The good part was the nice people were the ones doing the checks (When they check our pressure, numbers, what the machine is doing. They come by every 30 minutes.) for the rest of the time.

And! I want to squee!!

They found one more 15!

My pressure was reading low from the start, but since I felt fine we just did the Mannitol to help it. My heart-rate went up about half way through the treatment. But it stayed steady where it was.
Then as soon as the blood started to be returned at the end my heart-rate went from 128 to 84.
My blood pressure went from 78 to 97.
We also took off most of the fluid.


I like the 15. The 15 likes me. We never want to be parted.

They also gave us a cookie.

How great is that staff? Pretty cool I say!

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