Friday, July 24, 2009

Dialyzers and Assholes

There hasn’t been a whole lot going on. Not new anyway. There is plenty of the same ole same ole.

Last Thursday I started to feel queasy within ten minutes of being on the machine. I never feel queasy.
Had to have the anti nausea med.
Then Dr. Neph came in.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

I then start my frustrated-spew-every-fact at one time talk.
While I try not to vomit on his shoes.
He doesn’t know how close he came. Really.

I said I don’t like the new dialyzer. The clear tops don’t like me. We both agree.
He tells the nurse to change it back to the old one.
Then he leaves.
Never actually writing out the order.
She writes a note in the chart saying he did in fact say to use the old one.

Welcome to Saturday. A little confusion, but it is cleared up.
We use my 15S.
Blood pressure good. Heart-rate beautiful. I left at 32.1, but the nurse and I think it was more than that since he gave me a lot of saline at the end and I had a juice.
Which means we took off between 4-4.5 kilos. That’s about 9-10 pounds.

Unfortunately Tuesday and yesterday they didn’t have any 15’s. We had to use the 18S. It’s made by the same company as the 15, it’s just a tad bigger.
Tuesday heart-rate went all wonky, but yesterday it was fine.
It may have to do with my not eating on Tues.
(Which you will be able to read at my other blog later today or possibly tomorrow in order to know why.)

Who knows.

And Dr. Neph is being all Dr. Neph again.
Last night as I was coming off, the charge nurse tells me that Dr. Neph never said anything about changing the dialyzer. This is the first he heard of it.


Hey! Here’s an idea. Why don’t you stop writing on scrap paper and actually write in the damn chart. Hmmm? That might help.

So then I’m left being called a liar. Like I’m trying to pull a fast one.
Cause I’m so stupid I would never think these things could be verified.
I guess that means that the nurse and I both are living in some wacky parallel universe.
I’ll bet she’s surprised to know that.


This now means I have no idea what Saturday will bring.

It could be very bad, very good or the same as this week.

Oh and only had a little needle trouble so yay on that!

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