Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why Is There Always A Hoop?

At the moment I have three doctors.
There’s my primary, my nephrologist, and my cardiologist.

This week I’ve be dealing with the first two.
Both decent doctors, but a serious pain in the ass at times.

This would be one of those times.

I called my primary on Monday for something to relax and calm me before dialysis.
I’ve been very anxious about the needles and it was agreed by all that it was a good idea to have me take something until I get used to things.

Well after waiting around all day the office called back to say talk to the nephrologist.
It’s dialysis related, it’s his department.

Of course it was to late to call them at this point. They close at 4:30 and it was now 4:45. Of course.

The next day was dialysis day. It was a Tuesday. I, very wrongly, thought that the doctor might be in the unit.

I didn’t write about this yet, but just a quick so you know, Tuesday was a four needle day. The first two kept clotting and hurting like a bitch. The nurse finally managed to get two in and all ran beautifully after that.
Unfortunately, I was a wreak. To say the least.

The nurse was very nice.
He kept saying I did well.
It was horse pooey. I didn’t do well at all.
But I liked that he didn’t yell at me.
Nothing like being hysterical and having someone yell at you making you feel guilty on top of everything else.

It truly is not helpful for the situation.

After all that joy we sent a call out.

We got nothing.


No call back, no stop in, no message.

I called his office yesterday morning.
I got nothing.


Then this morning I get a call saying to talk to my primary.
I said “I did that first. He said to talk to you.”
”I’ll tell him.”

Fuck. Seriously. Just. Fuck.

I’m not asking for some super strong drug to be on everyday for a long time.
I just want something three days a week for like a month, maybe two.

And I’m not being all Oooo I’m a little apprehensive. I guess I should be drugged.

The staff at the unit all want me on something also. I’m pretty sure they talked it over. They may have taken a vote at lunch.

I can’t wait until I can go to Memorial. Then my primary will be my nephrologist and we won’t have these problems.

Today will be a fun filled high stress day. Again.
But maybe my doctor will actually do something.


Heavens! I am funny!

That was a good one. Whew.

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