Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Little Fried Dough Is Always Helpful

I know it took forever. I haven’t even gotten to the book signing yet. But lets stick with this for now.

M and R took mom and I to the St. Johns Carnival this past Sunday.
And it was a beautiful day for it. Blue skies, fluffy clouds, blindingly bright sunshine and about 80°.

St. Johns is a local tradition. It’s been held every year for as long as I know.  It’s not a terribly huge carnival and it is much more for young kids and teens.

Unless you go to the beer tent. That’s where the grown ups hang out.
We were no exception.

We took a look around, saw a few folks, and then headed over to the food. 
With food in hand we headed over to the tent.

I will admit it. I don’t really like the tent. It’s usually filled with people who have been standing in there for hours drinking and sweating. There’s no place to sit and the ground is uneven. I always feel like I’m pitching forward and am going to fall down at some point.

This time was much better. The trick is to go in the afternoon. There were maybe ten people, including us. We also had a nice breeze going through making it quite pleasant.

And I was able to enjoy my first beer (that I wasn’t sharing with my mother) in ages.
My, my, my. It was tasty.  Oh yes. Definitely enjoyed that.
Oh and the hotdog was good too.

We didn’t see the BBQ chicken anywhere.  That was a bit disappointing. I was looking forward to it.
But not to be stumped for long we got our substitutes of Italian Sausage and hot dogs.

Once we finished up there we took another quick look around and then headed for the fried dough.
Life is always better with fried dough.
Warm, greasy, powdered sugar getting all over everything.
Yummy :)

I did grab a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.


Fried dough! Yay!





Mr. and Mrs. H


Giant frog that mom was amused to no end with.




The ride pictures look especially cool in black and white:





Mrs. H in front of the now empty Wendt’s Milk building.
It was very bright out so I couldn’t see my screen.
I still like it even though the W is cut off.


When we arrived home, mom and I sat on the porch for a bit.
And three out of four cats came to visit us in the window.

Upstairs two out of three cats were trying to take a nap.



Giant frog thank you to M and R for the fun day out!
It was so nice to see you guys. It’s been to long.
Hopefully it won’t be such a long time in between visits.

All in all it was a nice day for all, friends, family and cats.

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