Friday, June 19, 2009

Is That A Shoe?

Oh look a shoe. Where could the other one be? Hmm.

Ouch! What just fell on my head?!

Oh. There it is.

The other shoe just fell.

As always.

Things were going along fine. Last week All was good. Times, treatment. No problems.

Then yesterday the catheter was moved. Really noticeable to. The little cuff part was at the opening.
It’s a good inch out of place.

So of course that means it’s back to interventional radiology for more fun.

We were going to see if they could fix it. But the Doc said we’re just going to take it out.

I know it seems like a good thing. But it also means we use the needles sooner than what I was getting ready for. Instead of Tuesday it’ll be oh, tomorrow.
And if it doesn’t work there will be no backup.

So all in all it will be one heck of an unpleasant weekend. I hope Sunday is really good to make up for it.

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