Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Day Out Does Wonders

Since October I haven’t really been able to do anything. Well anything fun. I’ve managed to go food shopping and the doctors, but nothing fun that may take up a large chunk of time.

With dialysis I have been feeling a bit better and yesterday I finally had a day out.

Yesterday was the start of the Buffalo Hellenic Festival. And we were able to go! Yay!
Jess picked mom and I up at about 1PM and we headed off.

The festival is at The Orthodox Greek Church on Delaware Ave in Buffalo.
I’m not religious, but I do appreciated a beautiful building and art when I see it. And this is one beautiful church.

When we arrived it was rather early and there weren’t many people.
So we decided to eat first and then do the other stuff after.


I had the Beef Souvlaki. Yum.

I didn’t think to take a picture until I was already eating. Sorry if it seems gross. The Souvlaki wasn’t to bad. I prefer the sandwich and there weren’t any olives, but overall not horrible.
Then Jess wanted to try the Tiropita. So we all had some of that. It’s the phyllo dough filled with “a special blend of cheeses”.

That was okay. Not my absolute favorite. But not the worst thing I’ve ever eaten.

Once we had stuffed ourselves we went looking around.

First we hit the lower level and checked out the art, imported food, jewelry, artist and more jewelry and clothes.
Jess bought a hip scarf in hot pink.

Then we looked at the art. Nice stuff.
But then we went into the Iconography room. There the priest was painting and answering questions.
I am so sorry I forgot his name. He was very nice and answered all questions thrown at him.
He has been painting for about 22 years. He went to art school but learned about painting in Greece. There are two big painting hanging in the room that he did while he was there.
They are amazing.
(No pictures allowed. You’ll have to go and see for yourself.)

They have a catalog where you can get cards and such. It’s Image and Likeness Iconography.

We finished looking around that area then it was time to head upstairs and get ready for the church tour.

Upstairs we looked around the church gift shop. I bought a bag to carry everything in.


This bag holds a huge amount of stuff. For only $2.00 it was a great deal.

Then it was on to the tour. We headed to the chapel and waited. And waited. And waited.
Finally a nice man came in and told us that that tour was cancelled because the person never showed or called.
After everyone left I decided to grab a bunch of pictures.
It was an incredible room.














The ceiling are supposedly designed to be the shape of Noah's Ark upside down.

I then grabbed a picture of the clothing display.


We looked around at the cultural displays that had a history type of timeline for Greece. I would have tried to take pictures but they were in glass and I knew there would only be flash reflection and nothing else.

It was time now for the Baklava part of the day. We were all still stuffed so we just put it in our new bags for later.

Now we needed a rest. We sat outside and had a pop.
Meanwhile I kept thinking about Jess’s hip scarf. It was pretty neat. And it made that clink clink sound.

Damn. I had to have one too!


Mine is a greenish color. it looks good on me :)

After I made my purchase we bought our Spanakopita to take home.

There weren’t any dancers until later that night, so we didn’t get to see them. I wish they had started earlier. That would have been really cool to see.

We were now tired. It was time to head home.

All in all I thought it was a great afternoon. The weather was perfect, there was food and shopping and Mom and Jess.
I got a lot of pictures. I wish I had thought to get more.
I seem to be rusty having not been out in a while. Next time I’ll take a ton more.

I am planning on checking out as much as I can this summer. That means lots of not being rusty anymore.

Thanks to Jess for taking us and spending the afternoon walking around and looking at everything. I hope you had fun.

Mom and I sat on the porch when we got home and enjoyed the rest of the sunshine.


The perfect end to a fun day :)

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