Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Bit of This and A Bit of That 4

It’s been a pretty mellow week here. It warmed up a bit. We can only hope it lasts.

G’s sis called and will be visiting with her man the beginning of August.
That means all the boxes and bags we haven’t gone through and put away yet must be done soon.
Sometimes one just needs a little nudge.
G’s been saying things like “In July we will…”
Me on the other hand am like July my ass. I want it done so we don’t have to rush job it all.
And we can enjoy the fact that it’s all done for a bit.
And relax.
I also have no desire to do boxes and bags when it’s 85 and humid.
Good heavens! Lets just get it done!
Anyway, if you read this in an email or a reader you may not know I’ve changed things here. I’ve gone the way of a premade theme. I really like it. The colors and design suite me.
I was smart enough to save all my html widget info so it was only a matter of minutes to put those back.
I am trying to make both of my blogs appear as one. Like sections. The one thing I’m having a hell of a time with is changing the HOME button on the second blog to go to the Home page of my main blog.
It may not be possible with it being premade.
It says data:blog.homepageUrl. and when I change anything in that it makes things wonky. Or it doesn't change anything.
Anyone have any ideas?
Let me know. I’m making myself loopy over it.
And since I haven’t done my Bad and Good for a while. Here goes.
The Bad:
*I can not get my flash drive to show up in My Computer even though it shows up everywhere else.
*The cab came 30 minutes early on Thursday.
*There is a heck of a lot to do before August 1st.
The Good:
* I finally figured out that if I looked for G: in Explorer it shows up.
* This week everything dialysis related has gone beautifully. Times and treatments. Knock on wood!
* My Amazon came with my Pushing Daisies Season 1 and Dr. Horrible DVDs. Can you say Yippee!? I did!

Everyone have a great weekend and be sure to check out the new design and let me know what you think.
(yes. I know about the Firefox issue. I have no idea how to fix that without making things worse.)

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