Saturday, June 13, 2009

And So Now We Know

Went to the doctor earlier this week. And yes we came to a day to use the graft.

June 23 I will be freaking out and being stuck with needles.

The graft is close the surface, so there should be no digging around. I hope there will be lidocaine and valium. But vodka will work just as well.

I’m still having anxiety nightmares. I have a feeling they may not ever end. Sleep isn’t absolutely necessary, is it?

This week the staff has gotten me on early. That let me go home early. It was actually still light out two of the nights.
That was awesome. I was home by 10:00.
I don’t expect it to happen tomorrow. But it was nice when it did.

So there we have it.
More when you know what takes place.

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