Friday, May 1, 2009

Well Damn

Just when everything is going along well. It always has to be something. Unfortunately in my life it’s never something that can be fixed with a lot of ice cream and vodka with a little time on the side.

Ooooh noooo. We can’t have that. When something goes wrong with my life it usually involves doctors, needles and a hellva lot of unpleasantness.

And I should have known. I should have seen it coming straight at me. Things were going fine. To fine. Damn it.

I was just starting to get my strength back. Just starting to shake off that hospital feeling and get back to feeling more me. I was just starting to get into a routine again.
Maybe not a great routine, but still.

So now the fistula decides it doesn’t want to work. It has other things to do instead I guess.

From what I understand my doctor will set up an appointment for another doctor to clean it out. More needles (in a still sore spot), an I’ll have to be off of the leg for a little while.

That’s the plan at the moment.

I wonder how long we will play this game. The ‘we keep fixing the fistula until we have to put in the gortex graft that will get infected and we decide I have to keep using the cath’ game.
Can’t we just skip to the end? Leave the leg alone for a while?

I get that we don’t know for sure that’s what will happen. I have a good idea, but, no, we don’t know for certain.
So we have to go through the whole rigamoroll and see what the outcome is. But still, it would be nice to have them say “ Let’s not go through all that. You deserve a break.”

Also, I’ve never had a de-clotting done while just sedated. I was always knocked out.
But this doctor won’t do that and I am a bit nervous about it.
Especially since it’s still sore and healing, sticking needles and such into it is not going to be the most fun I can think of.

Drinking heavily and smoking sounds like fun. The above, not so much.

We’ll just have to see what happens. And oh hell yeah. You will know when I do.

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