Sunday, May 10, 2009

Three Guesses and the First Two Don’t Count

Go ahead and guess where I am. I’ll give you a hint. I refuse to watch House or Scrubs while I’m here.

If you guessed BGH then…ding ding ding!!! You win!

What do you win? Just the charming wit of my blog.
(Hey! Watch where those tomatoes land!)

So how, you ask, did it happen this time for Pete’s sake!

If you recall the ole’ cath was being a bit ornery on Tuesday.
Well lets just say Thursday was a wash out.
The cath decided to play dead. Okay. Maybe it wasn’t playing.
It would not work for anything.
We flushed it and flushed it.
We used the CathFlo.

Nothing. Nada. Ziparooni.


I knew what was coming. Unfortunately it took the doctor forever to call back. Three hours.
When he called back with the plan (the plan I knew was coming) I was finally able to leave. Wait. No I didn’t. I had to wait for the Kaexolate.
After that I got to go home.
I left the house at 3:00PM. I arrived home at the same time I usually do. 10:45PM.

The next day Mom and I head out to BGH to have the cath replaced.
It would be a long day, but I would be home after dinner.

As my luck would have it I won the jackpot! You may have won the charming wit, but I won lots of fun prizes. The first prize was a blood clot. Not just in the cath. Oh no. A huge one in the artery.

It required a filter to keep it from going to the heart and then a temp cath for dialysis.

The package deal also includes several IVs and a windowless room in the Surgical ICU (just in case something happens)and several IV blood thinners.

But wait! It was a two for one!
On Saturday I got another temp cath and more of the blood thinners.

However, the second cath was a dud. It wouldn’t anything.
Today they checked out the clot and it was finally gone.
A perma cath was placed.

I will most likely be here until Tuesday or Wednesday.
I still have the other leg to have fun with.

Oh I just can’t wait!!!

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