Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunny Sunday or Is It

Ah. Sunday a day of rest and relaxation and perhaps a moment of reflection.

I rested.
I relaxed.
I reflected.
I suck.

Well maybe I’m not that bad. Maybe it just feels like I’m just a horrible person without compassion or understanding.

I guess i realized that rack up a whole lot of bad Karma points in the hospital.
This trip is no exemption.
With all the poking and needles, the being bamboozled thing, and the older very confused lady in the other bed, I admit I’ve had some not very nice thoughts.
I know the lady couldn’t help it. but when she got into my clothes and then got pee on my shirt. Well bad thoughts happen in-between the she can’t help it, she can’t help it thoughts.

Updated: Monday evening.

I was working on my post when the doc finally came in and said I could go home.
One would assume that was some good karma working for me.
One would be horribly wrong.

The cab never came. After an hour I took my change and called Mom to call all the cab companies to find out what was happening.
I then went and bought my Lipton green Tea with Honey took that change and recalled Mom.
The cab was on it’s way.

I arrived home 2 1/2 hours after my release.

But thank heavens I was home!!!

I missed my kitties, my man and my mom. Not to mention my cable and my own bed.
I was seriously happy.

today we went to the Dollar tree where I picked up the fun stuff. Cotton balls, makeup wedges, carpet cleaner, headphones for the TV at the dialysis unit, Junior Mints, and a couple of picture frames that just scream to be painted.
After that it was on to Rite-Aid where I grabbed toothpaste,moisturizer, some new foundation and then mom and I moved into the present decade.
We bought a Go Phone. Yep. We now have a cell phone. We’re only using it for cab calls or dialysis delays and we did opt for the pay as you go-buy the cards plan. But we do indeed possess a phone now.

After all that it was time for the big part of the journey. The grocery store. We now also have food! Yay!

I took a few pictures of some neat purple flowers in the backyard. It’s like a mini field of flowers. I’ll try to get them up later tonight.
tomorrow they will be doing my leg so I’ll be gone again for a night.
I hope that’s all I’ll be gone for.
The doctor called and said it was scheduled for tomorrow, but I could reschedule it if I wanted.
I decided to get it done now.

That leaves the weekend free to drink the Mikes Hard Lemonade while I lounge around on the porch.

I think that should just about do it for today.

Is it nap time yet?

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