Thursday, May 14, 2009

So Far…Blah.

I started Sunday off with another trip to interventional radiology. As you may remember from the last post. The new cath worked great. And I was a happy camper about that. Apparently they had to expand the artery with a balloon and a stent. This I believe keeps things open and flowing.

On Monday they stopped the IV blood thinners and started me on Plavix. I really did not want to be on Coumadin, so the Plavix is fine by me.

Tuesday was the main event with the leg.
They said I’m to high strung so they gave me Valium before hand. Shame it was only 10 minutes before. They also cut back on the sedative since I had the Valium.

This managed to leave me even more high strung.
I’m sure they want nothing more to do with me.

That leaves the doctor who originally put the fistula in.
Today he stopped in and said the vein was far to small and we were asking a lot of it to become some big hulking vessel.
We decided that a graft would be the next move.

Once it’s ready to use, I will still be Lidocaine Girl, but the Gore-Tex does hurt a little less than a natural fistula.
It only takes a few weeks to heal up so the perma cath will be taken out before July.


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