Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh My Leg

Last week while I was having big fun, I also had the appointment to de-clot the fistula. I honestly don’t remember if I wrote about it. I’m also far to lazy today to go looking to see if I did or not.

We’ll assume not. Feel free not to correct me.

There wasn’t much to it. It was my fourth time in Interventional Radiology, which is probably why the sedatives didn’t want to work as well.

We’ll just say it was unhappiness for all involved.

As it turned out it was far to blocked for them to do anything anyway. We had to move on to bigger units. It was time for the surgical team.

My surgeon, a very nice man, pretty much knew it was a long shot with the fistula. He felt it was time for the graft and I agreed.

And that’s where I spent yesterday.
It went well. I can’t do anything for at least a week, and my leg is killing me. But not in an excessive kind of way. In a normal surgery kind of way. Just to be clear.

And that’s where we are at the moment.

Oooo pain killer time :)

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