Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just Not Enough of One Thing

Yeah. There just isn’t enough of one thing to write a whole post about.I do have a few tidbits that I will cover.

* This week I’ve been feeling all blahy. I don’t know if it’s the painkillers, boredom from it being damp, cool and rainy or whatnot. I suppose there are several things that it could be and maybe it’s all of them together.

* The anxiety dreams have started already in regards to using the needles sooner. No matter how good a spin I try to put on it the fact is simple. I am a wimp with needles. Not in that Ooo ouch kinda way. More like in the someone is sawing my arm off kinda screaming way.
I try to think good thoughts like the cath will be able to be removed, less chance of infection, no more pulling stitches. But it keeps coming back to AAAWWW! Don’t TOUCH ME WITH THAT!!!

* I’m missing everyone I used to see and I want my life back. Yeah, don’t care about that whole ‘can’t go back, make lemonade, live in the now, make do with what you have, chance to start a new life’ crap. I want the old one back. Bite me.
I don’t know why I’m feeling all blahy. It sure is a mystery.

* I’ve been reading 84 Charing Cross Road this week. It seems wonderfully appropriate. I know how it must feel wanting to met people you feel like you know so well. Then to have life keep you from it.  I wanted to get to ConFab, but that’s not likely at all. I have started to save for Adam’s Halloween Party. I am twenty dollars closer to that goal.
I think it would be great to be there as I believe it will be my birthday weekend and where better to spend the big 4-0 than in FL at a massive Halloween party. Nowhere my friend. Nowhere.

* Today I watched Harlan Ellison: Dreams With Sharp Teeth. I first saw him in an interview when I was around 15. He scared the crap out of me. I enjoyed his short stories, but I have never, ever wanted to meet the man. Even to this day.
He would shred me like rice paper. I’m just not smart enough to hold my own in that situation.
I did realize that all the gruff and opinionated people I know never scared me. Even when they do mock me horribly. You know who you are. They may be off putting, and they like it that way, but they never scared me. There is no one, excluding murderers, rapists and Dick Chaney, that terrifies me as much as Harlan Ellison does. After the movie was over…I still hold that to be true.
I’ll stick to the books which I will never ask him to autograph.

* The DVD player we posses has, since the get-go, read ‘wrong disc’ ‘wrong disc’. How can it be a wrong disc? They are Netflix discs. They’re the absolutely right disc. I tried for about three days, putting in every disc I had to no avail. I finally just ordered a new one. It should be here in about 10 days and I will once again be able to enjoy the Netflix I pay for every month. Yay!

* Now for the Neopetters. This week starts the Cup. Are you ready? Have you picked your team? All Spring I was thinking “I’m picking a new team. I’m tired of coming in 10th.”. Yet I feel the pull of my favorite.  Will it be Maraqua? Maybe. It’s definitely looking like it.

I think that’s all the tidbits for now.

Have a great week all :)

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