Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I’m Not here Right Now

I’m unconscious and awaiting pain killers.

But I did want to have post up.

After thinking and thinking I couldn’t think anymore.

So today I will be pimping out some of my favorite blogs.
I’m going to try to list blogs that aren’t mentioned as often. It does not diminish their coolness, just means I’m one lazy ass blogger.

First up, 1000 Awesome Things. Every day or so there’s a new something that is cool. It’s the little things that can make ones day and this blog proves it.

Next is dovegreyreader scribbles. It’s a nice book blog. I’ve picked up a few titles to try from here.

Now for a few personal blogs.

Of course there is Miss Britt, Karl, Snackiepoo, Winter, Avitable , Dave and a host of others.

I’ve been really enjoying NYC Watchdog and his favorite person, Poppy Cedes. with something always agoin’ on and little videos of fun these two are a definite daily.

Another entertaining one is run jen run. I especially like the abstract posts. They are funny and just off center. What’s not to love. She’s also one of the Tequila Con planners and that makes her okay in my blog.

And lastly, The Sneeze. I’ve only just found this one. So I’m not quite sure what to make of it yet, but it’s odd. And I keep going back.

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