Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Quit Smoking For This?

I’m so glad I quit smoking just when all the fun is starting. At a time when I could really, really use a drag or fifty.

The de-clotting part of the entertainment is scheduled or Tues. the 12th. At the crack o’ dawn I might add.
They will sedate me. I plan on staying awake all night so that when the drug hits my blood stream I will be unconscious to the world.
It’s worked before, I think it work again.

The cath was acting up a little the other day. I hope it plays nice today.
I think those chairs are getting to me finally. My lower back and tummy have been hurting the last few days. It feels like pulled muscles. I hope that’s what it is. It hurts the most walking or standing. When I sit or lay down it’s just a dull ache.
Fingers crossed it clears up soon.

Yesterday was a big doctor’s appointment day.
I went to see a new cardiac surgeon. This doctor actually enjoys high risk cases.
Mom joined me for the consult. And I have to say…it went well!

He was very nice. Explained everything. He also seemed to not think it was as high risk “You will DIE!” as the other guys did.
(Of course it is high risk and dangerous, but he wasn’t freaking out like the other doctors did.)

We do have to get an angiogram done. He knows a doctor who can, as he said, ”Do it standing on his head.” I have an appointment with him tomorrow afternoon.

After the angio is done we go back to see him and he tells us what needs to be done and how he will do it.
If it turns out the valve has to be replaced/repaired,
I asked if it would be necessary to crack my chest open. He told me they don’t do that.
They use a buzz saw.
That did not make me feel better. Not at all.

But then he said that depending on what needs to be done, maybe he could just make a small incision and fix what needs fixing.
You know I’m rooting for that one!

He told me it’s not as scary as the other guys made it out to be. He also assured me it hurts less than the transplant did. Mom and I didn’t quite buy that. But he insisted it was true. It would only be 3-4 days in the hospital then rehab. He did say we can pick where to go for that. That was good news. I don’t want to be out in the middle of nowhere for that. This way I can stay close to home.

And when I left he actually said “Don’t worry. We’ll fix you.”
I really like that.
His manner was nice and calm and friendly.
If he is freaking out, he’s not letting on.
I like that too.
Leave the patient feeling better than when they walk in.

I can think of several doctors who could take lessons on that.

So that’s that for now. I’m pretty sure that’s plenty.

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