Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Am a Slug

This has been a simple week for a change.  Mom and I did go shopping Monday and then I made chili when I got home. It was a long day, very exhausting.

Mom bought flowers this week. We have yet to plant them. Eeekkk!
I took a few pics. I’ll upload soon. We did get the hanging plant hanging.
The porch still has to be washed and we are still searching for a table.
And during this mom and I have been sitting on the porch just mellowing. Doing nothing. It’s so wrong. I’ll post pics when we finally get it all done.

We are looking forward to the Greek festival that’s coming up at the beginning of June. One can be only happy when faced with a souvlaki covered in feta.

There isn’t much else going on.
TV is on the dull side. I’m not a reality show person.
The whole American Idol and Jon and Kate thing, it’s just not my cup of tea.


I am a sucker for So You Think You Can Dance. I love the auditions.
I adore the bad dancers get all miffed off. It’s even more fun than the American Idol auditions.
But with the dance show, i actually like to watch the whole thing. I love the routines, the matchups,the costumes. It’s all fun.

I’m also multi tasking.  I am watching SYTYCD, while I listen to Miss Britt and Avitable on their show Clearly, You're Retarded as i eat my dinner and write this post.


Now for the Bad and Good list.

The Bad:
* Both my legs are sore and still hurt. And I worry they may want to use the graft while it still hurts.
* The DVD player and coffee maker died.
* The rain and damp weather is rearing it’s ugly head again.

The Good:
* I’ve ordered a DVD player that might arrive by the fall.
* I’ve been able to sit on the porch and be a slug this week.

Pictures will be up soon.

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