Friday, May 1, 2009

And The Days Roll By

There’s not much happening in the regular day to day world. It’s rather dull actually. 
Carole stopped by with the little one. That was nice. We sat outside till it was to chilly. While the little one blew bubbles and ran around the yard.
And I grabbed a bunch of flower pics.









I missed last week, but I wanted to get one in this week.

The Bad and Good:

The Bad:
* Well the medical thing. Blah.
* It’s been cool and rainy for days now.
* I’m tired and bored with myself.

The Good:
*The flowers and trees are finally coming out.
*I found the Netflix movies that I thought had been lost in the move. Yay!
*I have put away more books and at least the living room is starting to look normal again. Not like the storage room it did look like. Or felt like anyway.

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