Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Routine Starts

Things seem to be going well. The cath is working. Well, the venous won’t pull, but it pushes great. The job can be done. The fistula appears to be okay. The nurse said it was a loop and that one side wasn’t doing what it’s supposed to. I didn’t think natural fistulas could be looped, I thought they always went straight. i’ll have to check into that. I don’t need anything more not working.
Here’s a pic of the leg. I did take it about a week ago. It looks much better now. The lump looking part is just the way I’m sitting. It’s not that large yet. I’ll try to remember to take a better picture. Now that it’s not so gory looking.

Av Fistula: Leg

Poor little leg.

leg Cath

Poor little other leg.

Most of the pain is gone. I only need a pain pill at night, after I’ve been on it all day. Sitting for any more than twenty minutes makes it hurt. I think it’s the muscles and the fistula being pulled. I try to keep straighten it out every few minutes, but it still hurts when I stand up. The sharp searing kind. It sometimes just takes the breath away for a minute or two before it tappers off. I hope it’s all part of the healing possess.

On a better note, a routine seems to be started. Transportation has been showing up without incident all week. Yay my cab guys and girls!
Also at the unit we have the right dialyzer setup before I get there. The staff is starting to a feel for how the cath runs and we haven’t had any real problems. Knock on wood!!! The spasms that would start up after an hour are done for the moment. Just a few and then they stop.

I keep forgetting to have the doc increase my dry weight. It’s been low pressures and cramping the last three times. We’ve been down near what he has it when it all goes down hill.
Must write a list to take with me so I think to ask.

Another good thing, I had an appointment with my new doc. Not really new. I had him when I was on dialysis before the transplant.
He talked to a unit closer to home and fingers-crossed I’ll have a spot before summer. There are a couple of folks ahead of me yet. But I have hope it’ll be soon.

And that’s how it’s been going so far.
Let’s hope it keeps up like this :)

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