Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oh Joyful Spring

What a gorgeous day!  It was in the 60’s with sunshine and beautiful blue skies.
As anyone who lives in NY can tell you, we enjoy our blue skies when we get them. After the grey of winter one does not take a day like this for granted.

At least not until July.

Then we want it to be winter again.  We just roll like that.

However it is not July and mom and I took today to leave the house.
Leave the house.
I think mom’s been a little nervous with her arm, but we needed to be out. And she put on her little sling and off we went.

First we headed to the library, where they had only one of the twelve books on my list.  Even the one I know they have was out.
It’ll be lost or stolen before I get to it.

It may be easier just to order it. Are we done boycotting Amazon? Or are we still standing against them?

Perhaps Barnes and Noble.

After the library we walked over to the grocery store.
It was a bit farther than I’ve walked lately and I was carrying books. There is a chance I overdid it a little. I did really like being out and about again though.  After hospital rooms, this is way better.

Once we returned I had a doctor’s appointment.  So I was inside again. But I waited for my ride home outside and enjoyed the fresh air and wonderful weather. I may even have gotten all my vitamin D.

Now for the Bad and Good list.  I’m a day late, I know, but I was so tired when I got home last night.  As always I got the whole idea from Sleep With Bread

The Bad:

* My knee is still not healed.  I don’t know if something is wrong or the non non-sticking band-aid is pulling the scab off and screwing it all up. May have them look at that tomorrow.

*  Still can’t find my new desk lamp.

*  They’re saying it’s going to be cold and rainy for Sun-Wed.

The Good:

*The weather for the last few days. Fabulous!

*Transportation has been going fairly well this week.

* At least they had one book at the library that was on my list.


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  1. I love the nice weather. I am A/C bound today to walk around and have fun
    and because I am a good follower -I followed you on twitter. If you want to follow back, it's Rachel316

  2. libra girl:

    Thank you for stopping :)

    I can't wait until we can open the windows up and it's 85 again.

    I've sent my twitter request for you :)


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