Friday, April 3, 2009

La La La

No. I'm not in the hospital. Just busy and tired. You can read all about that over at A Girl and Her Dialyzer.

Mom and I did go out and about today. We went to , yes, The Dollar Tree. You have to love that store.  I picked up some bins and hand towels, nail buffer, notebook, and a couple of Rubbermaid bowls. 

Then we walked over to the grocery store.  Needed food.  Grabbed all the regular stuff we go through, milk, bread, candy.

All in all it was a nice shopping day.

Well, if it weren't raining it would have been way better. Oh and did I mention I tripped on a branch last night. I went boom on the concrete. Pain everywhere. Blah.

Even with that, I am feeling a bit spring like.  I think I may spend the weekend doing blog fun. Make things more springy and warm around here.
I also want to work on the other one. Get some links up and do- dads and gadgets up.  Make it more inviting and homey.

I did find a new meme blog.  It is a Christian blog, I did like the idea of the meme. You can check it out here: Sleep With Bread

List three positive things that happened during your day.
Then list three negative things that happened.

I would start with the bad and end with the good myself.  I like leaving on a good note. So here are my three bad and good:

The Bad:
* It was raining all day.
* My body hurts.
* There's absolutely nothing on TV after 10:00Pm tonight.

The Good:
* It was a good shopping day.
* I got my sugar for the sale price.
*  I found several items I've been looking for in the third box we   looked in. Instead of looking through ten or twenty. Yay!

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