Saturday, April 25, 2009

I’m Not Really! No! Really!

Get the Party Started - Pink

Okay. Last night I twittered:

I'm already jealous of everyone at TC and it's only Friday. This weekend is going to painful for me. Send pity and vodka. I need both.


For those of you who may not know, TC is TequillaCon.
TequillaCon is gathering of bloggers who drink and eat, mostly drink, themselves silly for two days. It’s held somewhere different each year. This year it’s in Santa Fe.

Then I read Hilly’s post. I don’t believe it had anything to really do with me. Of course I could be wrong, let’s hope I’m not. But it did indeed give me pause.
Was I really jealous?
Jealous brings to mind evil schemes, people getting hurt, a certain mean spirtedness that verges on cruel. Something in soap operas that one should never apply to real life.
After thinking about it over the course evening, I’ve come to this nugget. I don’t wish anyone harm or a bad time. I hope everyone makes it there safe and sound and has a fabulous time in between. There are no evil schemes in the works. None that I know of anyway.
So maybe jealous, a big ugly green monster, was the wrong word.

I’m more of the little green wannabe monster, envy.

A sad creature who would, given money and health, be drinking herself stupid in Santa Fe with everyone else.

I won’t hide from Twitter, Flicker or Facebook.
I will be reading all the tweets and twats. I will be looking at all the Flicker slideshows with 500 pictures of drunk people I’ve never actually met. And yet know more about than my own neighbors.
(Let’s not think about how wrong that is.)
And i will enjoy knowing what is happening while I’m not there.
Have fun all!

Now to Hilly’s main post point. (You didn’t think I was done, did you?)
The everyone is a little douchebaggy sometimes.
Oh yeah.
Unfortunately, it’s not just sometimes.
I can name five douchey things I constantly do.

1. I’m horrible with communicating. I will see it’s someones’ birthday and think to myself, “I hope they have a good day.”, but won’t manage to think of calling or sending a card. The same goes for any event or just because.

I suck.

2. Bossy, mean, annoying. No explanation needed.

3. Procrastination. This has caused grief on many occasion.

4. I think to much. This also can cause the first 3 to happen. Over analyzing every little thing until there is nothing left.

5. This one is reserved for newer people. Old friends I know and I can deal with their brand of doucheyness. But new people, well, I can listen to you talk for 30 minutes straight and when you say one stupid thing, then my brain tunes you out. You are just background noise to me now. It’s not right. Yet there we go.

Just two more small tidbits before I go.

There is a blogy gathering in Kentucky this summer. June I3th I believe. So if any of the folks around these parts want a two day vaca, want to drink a lot, have a car, and doesn’t mind driving to Kentucky while I make non-driver small ideal chit chat, let me know. Maybe we can hit ConFab.

And finally, have you been to my actual blog page?
I have a neat twitter updater from Blog Buster. It’s been there for a few weeks now, but with readers and email subs, not everyone gets to see the cute stuff. I added the little birdie. When I remember where I found him I’ll give a link. He is definitely not mine. But look how cute he is!!

Goodness! I think that’s plenty for the moment!

p.s. I’m totally serious about the vodka.

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  1. I think you definitely SHOULD make your way to ConFab. I need to meet you!


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