Friday, April 3, 2009

Day One and More

Well. The first day was not without it's little glitch's.
There was a bit of trouble with transportation. Papers not recived. Which was fixed, surprisingly quickly.

I arrived at the hospital and registered without problems. Then headed for the cafeteria to grab something to eat. Ham and swiss on wheat with mustard. Green ice tea to drink. Yum.

I went to the unit with my sandwich, ice tea and hope that I wouldn't be there until eleven at night.

I was called in a put on without any hiccups. Yay! All went very well.

The unit is okay. The staff is really nice. And very helpful. I like that in a unit.
The secretary even called my transportation and told them when I would be done and which door to go to (The front doors close at nine. On the nose. Without exception.).

My blood pressure only went down once and then it hung out nice for the rest of my time. You can't beat that.

Then it was time to leave. I had to go to the emergency entrance, since I was done at 9:15Pm. Yep. They showed up at 10:25Pm. I finally arrived at home at ten to eleven. PM.

And that is pretty much exactly how the second day went. Except my pressure kept diving down to the 80's. So I left heavy.
I would find out later that they used a larger dialyzer on me.

Okay folks. Small bodies have less volumn than larger bodies. Small bodies don't like large dialyzers. It clears the blood much to quickly. Especially the potassium. No ones body likes that.
Oh yeah, I was happy to wait almost an hour for the cab that night. Grr.

Day three which was yesterday went a tiny bit better. The cab showed up to get me on time.

And when they started to put me on, I noticed the larger dialyzer and mentioned that that's not what I'm supposed to on. I don't think they were totally convinced, but they changed it.
Wouldn't you know, my pressure dropped only once and then stayed at a nice level for the rest of the treatment.

Golly. Who would have thunk it?

After, for the ride home I only waited for about twenty minutes. Even though they called them. I'm nervous about what tomorrow will bring. I don't want to fight over dialyzer sizes. I hope they had that officially changed and marked in big red writing so no one will miss it. I also worry about the ride home, the getting in at eleven is exhausting.

I really can't wait until there is a spot here in the Falls. Fingers crossed it won't take too long.
(Yes. I fairly certain I've used the wrong "too" in that sentence. I'm tired.

So that is how my first week went.

Fun, no?

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