Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Girl and Her Dialyzer

Welcome to A Girl and Her Dialyzer. A new and hope to be fun filled blog.

I wanted a new place to put all my health stories and posts. With the kidney done and me going back on hemo dialysis there's a lot to think and write about. Most days anyway. I may change the blog's name , I haven't fully decided on it yet. But I'll let you know if I do, Because I'm cool like that.

Today will be my first hemo dialysis as an outpatient. My spot is at 4:00PM. Uggg.
But it is the only spot available at the moment. I am waiting on a spot closer to my home, which should take a few weeks. Hopefully. Once in I can ask to be put on the morning spot list. I secretly hope they all like to sleep in. Hehehe.

As it is I hope I'll be home by midnight tonight.

This time around I have an AV Fistula in my leg. It was the only place left. I'm not overly happy about it, but what are you going to do? It'll take a few months for it to heal and get strong, maybe by the really hot summer months.
At the moment I have the Perma Cath in my other leg. The fun never ends around here, let me tell you.

That's the main gist for now.

Later I'll post about my fun filled first day. I will try to get pictures, but I'm not sure if it's allowed.

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