Monday, March 30, 2009

And This Little Piggy Came Home

After a 29 day stay at BGH (Buffalo General Hospital), I am finally home. Again.

This time it looks like I'll get to remain at home for a while. It was looking as if I might be having heart surgery, which is very, very high risk, but we went with another option for the time being.
Since it looked like the kidney wasn't doing very well at all (at 20% function), we decided to start dialysis now rather than later.

I may still have to have the surgery, but for now we can hold off until I'm stronger and more likely to get through it.

And with that I've started a second blog just for health and medical stuff. It is called A Girl and Her Dialyzer. There's only one post. It's new. Tomorrow there should be two posts. That's total, not I'm putting up two posts. Just to clarify.

On a more upbeat note. The weather has been gorgeous! Okay today is going to be cold, but tomorrow it'll be back in the 50's! Yay!

I'm also so happy to be home. In my own clothes, with G and the kitties. One of my kitties also known as My Little Fatboy, is a mommy's cat. He won't let me out of his sight. Poor baby. He's my sweetie.

So that's the quick update for everyone.

For anyone looking for the previous post or the one they received in their email, it was supposed to go to the new blog, but went here. Yep. That one. It's where it belongs. Oopsy.

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