Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Quick Update or Blah.

I'll bet you thought I forgot about you. Didn't you?
I haven't.


We finally had our big move. And I was once again in the hospital.

At the same time.
It is very weird living in one place and then going into the hospital only to leave and live somewhere else when you go home.
Only it's not really home. It's storage with cats.

I still have no idea where anything is. Not having been there to pack or move most of it.

It's freaky.
And it still doesn't feel like home. At all.
I keep thinking once everything is put away, but even just the few things aren't helping.

At sometime I seemed to have hopped on the Funk-A-Roo Express. I don't actually remember buying a ticket or boarding, but here I am clearly riding along. Maybe it's the weather. And the move. And my health. And I need a damn drink. And I wish I still smoked.

Perhaps I'll unpack some more books. There's always more books.
And cats.


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