Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Will Not Be Stopped From Meme Stealin'

I stole this from Avitable, Dawg, Karl and several others I'm sure.

Think of 20 albums, CDs, LPs (if you’re over 40), that had such a profound effect on you they changed your life. Dug into your soul. Music that brought you to life when you heard it. Royally affected you, kicked you in the wazoo, literally socked you in the gut, is what I mean. Then when you finish, tag 15 others, including me. Make sure you copy and paste this part so they know the drill.

We don't tag,  just feel free to steal it away for yourselves.

Now keep in mind that my music is still packed away. So I had to really think about and remember what I have in order to do this.
I will say I thought it out, I didn't just rattle off my favorites.  I was tempted. But no. These are the ones that really made me who I am.

Damn and bless them all for it.

1.  The Pogues- If I Should Fall From Grace With God
2.  Social Distortion- Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell
3.  10,000 Maniacs- In My Tribe
4.  Melissa Etheridge- Brave and Crazy
5.  The Police- Synchronicity
6.  Patsy Cline -Greatest Hits
7.  Weird Al Yankovic- Dare To Be Stupid
8.  Mojo Nixon-Bo-Day-Shus!!!
9.  Madonna- Like A Virgin
10. The Commitments Soundtrack
11. Leonard Cohen- The Best of
12. Cyndi Lauper- Girls Just Want To Have Fun
13. Nine Inch Nails- Pretty Hate Machine
14. Cat Stevens -Greatest Hits
15. The Rainmakers- Good News and The Bad News
16. Syd Straw- Surprise
17. Echo And The Bunnymen- Echo and The Bunnymen
18. Duran Duran- Rio
19. The Proclaimers-Sunshine on Lieth 
20. Eurythmics- Sweet Dreams

Don't forget tonight is also Clearly, You're Retarded with Avitable and Miss Britt.  What will they debate about this evening? tune  in to find out!
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