Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Didn't Go To Washington, But I Enjoyed It Anyway

I had a doctor's appointment, cardiologist, and he seems to think all is on a good track. We just have to get the fluid managed better. And he would like my nephrologist, Dr. K to do that.
I see him Thursday. That should be fun.
The appointment went quickly. As they do. I wish all of them were that speedy. I think I was there 40 minutes tops.

As we (mom had gone with me) were leaving we checked the waiting room to see how long till the oath taking part would be on.
It was twenty to twelve and we decided we wouldn't make it home in time. So we found seats and stayed to watch.

Having been in the hospital for just about every holiday this year, to be watching this historical event in a doctors waiting room with doctors and nurses and other staff members gathering around, seemed quite appropriate.
As incredible as it is to watch him speak, I found it just as amazing to see the number of people that came out to the waiting room to watch. We've become a rather jaded and cynical city of voters over the years. So this gathering of people who still believed that something good and positive can happen was just moving.
I was glad we stayed there to see it.

After his speech we headed home. Where I packed up two more boxes.

The big move is Saturday. I'm not looking forward to it.  I do wish it was already done with though.  I just can't believe how much stuff there is after a mere 14 years.

Don't forget tonight is Clearly, You're Retarded at 9PM EST.

And tomorrow is Secondhand Radio at 10PM EST.


Just a note:
I know I promised the rest of my fun adventure from the holidays, but at the moment it may not be wise to go into it. If I can later I will. I will say it was tedious, unnecessary and mom is still insane about the one doctor. And not in a good way.

I know it seems like I'm just teasing.  I am sorry.

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