Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And This Little Piggy Went Home

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!!!

I'm home from another fun hospital tour. 22 days of gloom. 2008 has been horrible. I'm not at all sorry to see it go. Instead of being a good year with a few bad spots, it was the opposite.  A bad year with a few good spots.

DragonBoy visited.
Got to spend time with Ang and her family.
Was able to spend time with Ton and everyone at Uncs.
Started my blog and kept at it for the whole year. (Yay me!)
New president!

I did enjoy all those times. And I can't wait to get back to some of them. Big Grin

But the last weeks were long. I do want to do a proper post for it. It was rather annoying and pathetic and all the fun of a root canal while FOX News plays in the background.

But I'm still working on it. It'll be soon.

On the side note, tonight is Clearly, You're Retarded! I haven't heard them in weeks! Tonight Miss Britt and Avitable will be talking about friendship. What makes a bad friend, what makes a good friend, etc.  I'm sure I'll fall on the bad side for not keeping in touch. I suck.
It's just I know everyone is busy with their families, especially now, and a couple of them are working crazy hours. I always worry that I'll call and I'll wake them from the first really nap they've had in six weeks, or they will be in the middle of stuff and I'll feel bad for bother them.

I just never know when a good time is.

Is it now?

Or how about now?

Now good?

Uggg! Just call me. I have nothing to do but rest up and bitch about how little is on TV until next week.

Good Heavens! Rant much?

Anydoodle, Clearly, You're Retarded is on TalkShoe at 9:00Pm EST. So head over and feel bad with me :)

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