Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Smidge of This And A Bit of That

Well. Thanksgiving came and went. It wasn't horrible, just long. A very long four days.  I did manage to get some of the Christmas decorations up.  I wanted to get it all done, but I didn't.

I have managed to get them almost all done now. I finished a big chunk of it today.  I only have the window clings to put up and to change a string of lights on the tree and then I will be done.


I will be able to just sit back and enjoy. 

Tomorrow I have the doctors. Transplant clinic.  It should be fun. In that it really, really won't be kind of fun way. Blah.

After that, I plan on sitting around the house in my PJs and watching Christmas movies until I want to vomit.

Now that's a good time.

In other news:

I have started my shopping. Yay!

I was bad and bought myself a couple of things. Boo!

But I did need them.

I am almost out of NeoCash for my Neopets. I needed a card.
And my headset broke and is being held together with electrical tape, so I had to get that. It was annoying listening to Clearly, You're Retarded with the tape sticking to my hair.
The show was entertaining though. You should go listen.

So it was all necessary.


Tomorrow is Secondhand Radio at 10:00PM.
His guest will be Faiqa, who seems pretty cool in the chatroom.

The shows have been pretty entertaining. So I have a good feeling about this week as well. If you missed any you can go over and have a listen. Dawg's was pretty good last week.

Go ahead. I'm done now.

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