Thursday, November 6, 2008

What A Week

This is shaping up to be one heck of a week.

After a historical and amazing night, life still goes on. Even if I was extra sleepy from watching election stuff till the wee hours.

First, I did indeed go to the grocery store. I almost didn't. But I wanted to get out of the house.
So I stuffed my feet into my shoes, again, and headed out.

We have been blessed with several days of beautiful weather this week. And yesterday was sunny and warm. Sweet.
At first, the plan was that I would sit at the cafe part of the store and mom would take my list around the store.
With all the health stuff, I'm a bit out of shape. Muscle are a little weak. Etc. So being out would be a step in the right direction.
However, once we were there. Things took a different turn.
Yep. I decided I would just walk around also. I wanted to see the food. In case I forgot something. Or there was something I hadn't thought of.
I also figured that if I moved slowly, well at least I was moving, and that would be way better than sitting.

It worked out fine. Yay. I made it through the whole store.
Didn't grab as much junk food as I wanted. That's a good thing.
Yay me. I am so rocking the healthy lifestyle.

Though I did get some chocolate pudding. It was on sale! What could I do? I was helpless.

So that's about where we are.

Then we got home.

Mom's kitty Buster , we believe, had a stroke.
She seemed to have a problem with her leg earlier in the week.
And then the next morning she couldn't move them at all.
The next day she seemed a little better.
But the last two days she can't seem to hold her head up. Her legs are still limp. She's sleeping all day.
Poor little kitty.


On a different note, tonight at 10:00 PM is Secondhand Radio over at Talkshoe.
His guest will be Sybil Law, who was able to meet at Avitable's Halloween Party.

You can check out the pictures of the festivities on Flicker at Avitaween 2008! They were pretty cool I must say.


Final note, I still have to catch up on all the TV I missed while I was in the hospital. With no TiVo or DVR I have to sit at the 'puter for long periods of time. Just not there yet. I am working on True Blood, so I should have a post for that over the weekend for Snackie TeeVee.

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