Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just A Quiet Day

It was a quiet weekend. 

I redid my blog design for winter.  I may have captured the Niagara Falls cold a little too well.
So feedback is welcome.
I tried to warm it up with the post background color.
Let me know.

Went to the grocery store today.  I just picked up a few things that I needed and a couple of things that I forgot last week. Mini marshmallows being one of them.  I bought the cocoa, forgot the minis!  We can't have that!

I'm afraid it wasn't very exciting.

Though it is cold and damp outside.
And I am not looking forward to the really cold weather that is approaching. 
It did give me Christmas feeling for about a second. So that means it's almost time to get the Halloween stuff down and the Christmas stuff up.
The White House will have their transition, I will have mine.


On a very sad note, mom's kitty Buster passed away.
She was a damn fine cat and will be missed.

Buster Boo
Sweet Buster Boo

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