Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is That A Violin I Hear?

A tiny violin for my self- indulgent Halloween pity party. 
Number of guests: 1.

That's basically how I spent the weekend.
I know. I know.

I don't usually do that. And was it fun?
Was it helpful?
Not really.

But it was what it was. Me, missing my favorite parts of my favorite holiday.

I didn't even wear my Dave2/Avitable shirt:


It didn't fit right with all the fluid going on :(

I did wear my Halloween headband:


And I ate lots of mini Snickers while reading FL twats.


Today though I started to feel a little better.
It  being a history making day (maybe), and it was sunny and in the 60's.
A nice day to partake in one's civic duty.
I stuffed my feet into my shoes and we all headed out to get our vote on.

There was only one person ahead of us in line. We breezed right through and felt proud after. 
I have earned my right to piss and bitch for another four years.
How cool is that?

As we left, I grabbed a picture of mom and R playing around outside of the school.


Then when I returned home I saw two of the stray kittens on the porch.


I did not ask what they were doing.  But they look guilty.


Tomorrow I will go to the grocery store with mom. I'm almost out of everything. I need real food and mini Snickers in order to slowly get better. 

The violin said so.


It's also Snackiepoo's B-Day! 

Happy Birthday Snackiepoo!!!

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