Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

I know everyone is doing their list of What I'm Thankful For and well, I'm no different, being completely unimaginative.

First off, I'm very thankful for Mom and Jess, whos'  help and love has been immeasurable.  I love you both insanely. Enjoy your pie today, you've earned it.

I'm thankful to all my friends who fill my life with fun, joy and love, even when I'm an ass. Hugs to all of you! I hope to see you all before the new year :)

I'm thankful for family near and far, you are always in my thoughts. Love you all.

I'm thankful for my kitties who love me best.  There's catnip for you later.

I'm thankful for The Family Channels countdown to The 25 Days of Christmas so I can watch Christmas movies while I drink tea and lay on the couch.  I do love that.

I am thankful for TimBits.

I am thankful for my online bloggers that showed me I'm not alone with my love of books, TV, Buffy, food, the couch and the internet. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families!

And finally, I'm thankful my holiday most likely won't go like this:



Have a Happy and Safe  Holiday!!!

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