Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Happy Post. No. Really.

Before I went into the hospital I had a DVD on my Netflix for about three months. It was forever Long Wait. But I was willing to.

Thank Goodness!

Of course it arrived while I was in the hospital.  But that meant it was waiting for me when I returned home, however briefly.

The DVD was Spaced. Disc One.

I had moved the second disc down a bit. I didn't want that to show up before the first one.

I remember Dave2 had mentioned it, either in a twat or an actually post.
He was so right!

When I finally did see it, I watched it again.

It is one of my favorite shows now. So much so that mom got it for me for my B-Day!

Yay Mom! She rocks!

I'm holding out to watch the second disc until the weekend.
Or maybe tomorrow. I haven't decided yet. Hehehe!

Haven't seen it you say?
Well aren't you just a silly goose!

Here are  just a few of my favorite things about Spaced, Disc One:

  • Simon Pegg
  • " 'ello Brian"
  • All of Episode 6
  • "Yeah, one involves a lot of physical and psychological pain, and the other one's War."
  • "I went to invade Paris."
  • "Forever and ever and ever."
  • Colin
  • Twist
  • Simon Freaking Pegg!
  • Mike's dance.
  • Zombies.
  • "What have you got?"
  • "Rabbit! Rabbit!"

Of course that is just a bit of it. It's full of movie references and pop culture joy. It's funny as hell. It's Simon Pegg and his reactions to everything. His tones, his looks. It's the whole cast is fantastic.

So go pick it up at Netflix or better yet just go to Amazon and buy Spaced for yourself.

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