Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I'm bored stupid. I am so done with feeling crappy. There just aren't words. I'm going to do a long health update, so I don't have to do it again. I hope.

It's been two months now.  I've had my 9 day hospital stay with CHF from the Aranesp. Stupid shot.
During this stay we started  the Coreg. Yes. the one that made me very, very nervous. But I figured if something went wrong, at least I was at the hospital when it did.
But nothing happened. Well not the blood pressure stuff. The fluid retention happened big time. 12 pounds worth. 
But home I went. I was okay with it.

After a week at home however, my right foot swelled up to three times it's normal size.
Yep. Had to go back to the ER. Had to make sure it wasn't a clot.  That would be bad.
The twelve pounds of fluid had moved around settling everywhere. Even my arms.
It took six tries to get an IV. The veins were hiding and moving because of  the fluid. I was almost ready to go home.
Thank goodness the one nurse finally was able to get it.
The next two days they did tests to make sure there weren't any clots. And gave me Heparin, IV, just in case there were.

During this time the swelling went down on the ankle and I was bruised by the blood drawer every morning. I think she was trained by nazis.
I am not kidding.
My arm looks as if it was broken it is so bruised up.
The woman was brutal.It's a good thing they let me go home on Saturday. I would have been mean to her on Sunday.
And I don't like being mean to people. Especially when they have needles.

But yes indeed. I was spared. On Saturday I was finally released, the tests being fine.

Happy Birthday to me.
Saturday was my B-Day.
I got to go home, so that was cool. But I spent it feeling crappy.
Just like I'll spend Halloween.
I think that bothers me the most.
I haven't missed a Halloween in almost 20 years.
I'll get to spend it limping around from the computer to the couch to the kitchen.
The ankle is swollen up again.
Damn fluid.
I must get pictures. 
They are gross, but hell, once you've seen Karl's nutsack and watched him get his back waxed, a little swollen foot seems rather tame. I think so anyway.

So that's all the joy for now. I'm puffy and annoyed. Sounds like fun doesn't it?
Tomorrow I will write about the one truly joyful thing that happened. It's a good one. It actually made me happy.


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