Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Peaceful Easy Week

This past week has been very mellow around these parts.

Last week all I had to really do, other than clean, was grocery shop and go to the doctor.

The doctor went well. Blood work wasn't to bad. I am anemic. But I had my Aranesp shot.  Which helps the body make more red blood cells. I'll have another next week. By October I'll be back to bouncing of the walls.

Going to get a second opinion on the heart med. The med lowers your blood pressure so that the heart doesn't have to work as hard. But my pressure is already low.
I realized I'm not really on board with the 'take it and see what happens' theory. Not wanting to go into cardiac arrest and all. I'm afraid that's just the way I roll.
We'll see if another doctor has some suggestions that won't kill or incapacitate me for life. 
Other than that, all is pretty good.

Friday I went grocery shopping.

But first mom and I stopped off at, yes, the Dollar Tree!

I love that store at Halloween! I bought about fifteen dollars worth of new decorations. I need to go this week. I have to see what else is out!

Stayed home Friday night, I was exhausted.  Went out Saturday night for a few hours with T and G.
But G wasn't feeling well, and there weren't that many people out, so we called it an early one.

Sunday I stayed in my jammies and watched TV. Saw HBO's True Blood. Snackiepoo has said she's going to do a review, so keep a lookout for it on Snackie TeeVee.

I never read the books, so I had no expectations going in.
So I enjoyed it. I really love Tara! I wouldn't want her working for me, but I love her! All her scenes were great. I can't wait until Sunday night now!
Vampire Bill is a cutie. even if his timing seems to be off.

That's about it for me.
Nice peaceful week. Just the way I like it.


Don't forget Turnbaby Talks is tonight with Turnbaby.  Her show is at 8:00Pm EST on BTR.

Tomorrow is Miss Britt and Avitable with Clearly, You're Retarded. They kick off at 9:00PM EST on Talkshoe.
Followed, maybe, by Jesters Show, at 10:00Pm on Talkshoe.

Thursday is karl's show, Secondhand Radio. His starts at 10:00PM on Talkshoe.

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  1. Lemme know if you want the Southern Vampire books. Email me and I'll email the eBooks to you. I'm swamped. My own vamps are calling me, PCD is putting out the last 2 parts of my trilogy, and I have a ton of works in progress. Thanks for leading me to WritersCafe. I won a contest with a vampire wedding story. LOL Now the person who started the contest wants to read The Bar. Many thanks to you!


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