Friday, September 5, 2008

Not A Labor, Only Fun


Last weekend I spent the holiday with Ang and her family. They had their annual family reunion at the Andover Rod and Rifle Club.
It took a bit to get used to the target shooting going on at the same time, but I adjust quickly.

It was bright and sunny the whole day. The weather definitely rocked. We lucked out and had sunshine the whole time.
I didn't grab many people pictures. There were about twenty people with cameras around. So I have Ang sending me some pictures when she gets them.

I did get some scenery pictures though.

But first, one of the most memorable things to happen was the Turkey Buzzard that flew at us during our Sunday drive. At least that's what the local experts say it was. All I know is that it was massive and mangy. What color was it? Mangy. A gray/brown mangy. And huge, especially as it was coming at the windshield. It missed us by mere inches.  That was fun.

After catching our breath from Turkey Buzzards Gone Wild, Ang drove around and showed me all the sights.
It was really pretty down there. Hills and hills, fluffy clouds. Little towns and little shops.
I enjoyed it immensely.


Family and Scenery Pictures:


Ang smokes in the sunshine at the reunion.


Ang's dad, B


Ang's mom, K. I believe she was talking to B.


Mary rests up.


The kids had a blast rolling down the little hill.


S and G outside in the sun.


Trees and a cloud.


Their family photo. Each of the families had their own small group picture.


Gravel Pit and barn. Ang's Uncle R, who we stayed with has thousands of acres of land, including his gravel pit.


This is part of the backyard. They actually live on a hill called Cemetery Hill.


If you follow the dirt road all the way around, it loops, you will come to the creepiest house I've seen in a long while. It was creepy even in the bright sunshine. Bad vibe, big time.

The sign in the window says it was bought in 06. There were windows open and a huge amount of flies. I only hope it was a furry four legged creature that died in there.


Here it is in black and white. It's just creepy.


The family cemetery is just a short distance from the house. It's almost next door. Supposedly you can hear the Hounds howling there. The hounds of what? I completely forgot. Hell or Hill. I didn't hear either of them myself. It still felt a little creepy though.


No hounds here.


It's hard to see the whole thing, but the towns' name is spelled out in trees.

It really does say Canisteo.


I just love this road name. I imagine gunslingers and hookers live there.


Finally Ang let me grab a couple of pictures of Crystal Lake.
This was the lake where they filmed part of Friday the 13th. I believe at the end of the movie.
Oh it's creepy too.


Creepy little house on a creepy little lake.
I just love that!


I can't thank everyone enough. Aunt JY, Uncle R and Aunt J, Ang's mom and dad, Mary, Cedes, and of course Ang for letting me be a part of the family.

Thank you all so much and I hope to see you  all again!

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  1. Love the photos of the cemetery and the road sign. I wish it was that pretty and green here.


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