Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Bit of This and A Bit of That 3

It's been another mellow week.
The weekend went along. As always, it was nice to see everyone that was out.
We managed to breeze through most of the left over Ike storm. Very little rain and the high winds didn't last for very long. I heard Buffalo wasn't as lucky.
But here in the Falls it was no where near as bad as we expected it to be.
I did turn on the movie Cast Away. Yep. Tom Hanks. And it was weird with the wind blowing through the house. Almost like a interactive movie.

I was a bit worried about the stray kittens.
Yes. We have kittens around again. We haven't for a long while and then this spring there they were.
There are about four of us that feed them.
They eat and then sit at the window visiting the inside kitties.
We didn't see them yesterday at all, but they were back this evening.
Tomorrow is blood work day. Oh the fun just never stops around here! Lets see how crazy anemic I still am. My guess? Still very.
Chucky O will be DJing every other Saturday. So if you head over to Bragg's say hi!
The stray kittens. Well two of them.
Jasper and Charlotte.
Jasper and Freddie playing on the porch.
Little Freddie.
That's about it for my neck of the woods.

And you have been visiting Snackie TeeVee right? Well get going!

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