Thursday, August 21, 2008

You Have a Little Something in Your Sidebar

I've really got nothing today. My brain is feeling all blah.

I thought I'd just point out some of my sidebar bits. Perhaps you thought about clicking them, but then thought, what is it?  I don't want to go and look around and figure out what it is.
I understand. So with that welcome to...

Kate's Sidebar Self Promotion Joy Fest!

Bored? Need something new?  Click the little pictures and look around.

They are all FREE. Yep. I'm thinking only of you and the joy that free can bring.


Facebook, MySpace, etc. Yeah. We all have those.  But these are more specific.  Geared for writing and blogging folks.

First up, Writer's Cafe.  All writers.  If you like writing, this is a nice place to go.  It's small, so it's not over crowded.  Nice simple layout.  Easy to get around.
It has a points system, but most of the people just want to write and read, so they aren't going point crazy like Gather folks can do. Which I will get to soon.

There are a lot of young people, but quite a few older ones, again, it's more focused on the writing rather than the writer per se.
They don't censor, but they track spam.  So that is pretty great.
There are contests that we the people host. You can get little badges if you win.


Second one, Blog Writers. This reminds me a little bit like Writers Cafe. Nice, small, simple to figure out.
It's for bloggers, so you know what you're getting. Great.
No point system to deal with. Even better.
Many of the bloggers I read are here. Sweet.
Just a comfy feeling place. I don't hang out there often enough, but I should.

View my page on Blog Writers


Last up, Gather. Okay. This isn't in the sidebar. But some might enjoy it. It does have a point system for uploading,  posting stuff, adding friends, joining groups, etc. The groups can be a bit spammy, since people will post their articles to all of their groups without thought as to the fit of the article. It's all for the points I'm afraid.  I know.  It can irritate.
However. If you dig around you can find moderated groups that stick to the theme of the group.
There is a ton of good writing and photography hanging out waiting to be read.  They recently added video. So you can upload those as well now. You can put up whatever you want, but you do have to flag your material if it's of an adult nature.



The two online games I'm partial to are a lot like the WebKins. Only they are free. Yes. Free. You do not have to buy anything if you don't want to in order to play.
They are a lot alike in the game play. Flash games earn in-game money. There's a house, clothes, etc. You can be as social or solitary as you want. You can battle if you want, but you don't have to. They are slow, work your way up games. Perfect for passing the time. Especially if you can't sleep.

First, as if you have to guess. Neopets!  I don't care. It's cute. There's lots to do.  They have site wide events.  When people say it's just for kids, they never worked on the Space plot, decoding green symbols for 6 days. They can bite me.
I myself have premium. But I played for many years before deciding to go that route. It's in no way required.
A tip: You can only send in three (3) scores for each game a day.  So be sure you like the scores before hitting send.

And they have pirates.



Second is Urbaniacs. Basically you do the same thing, play games, make your character strong.
But in this game your character is a superhero. Or are they? Maybe they are part of the villains group. Or a vigilante perhaps.
Maybe you're a Beatnik at heart.
You get a secret lair to jazz up. You can buy a sidekick to help out.
Entertaining stuff.
They have items you can buy with real money, like Neopets and WebKins do. They do not preview though. Just letting you know that now.

Get Your URB On!
I also check out Free Online Games every so often. They list all the games and give little descriptions and tell you whether they are free, or not. So if the above two don't do it for you have a look around there.  You will probably find something to tickle your fancy.


Don't forget tonight is Karl on Talkshoe! 10:00Pm EST. Click the picture to head over there.


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