Thursday, August 14, 2008

What Day Is It Again?

I finally have a little time to myself. A little quiet time. Time without the guitar going or CD player blaring. G has gone to run some errands.

Four more days. Just four more days. Well actually five. He tends to stay up till about 4AM, so I guess it's actually five days.

It's also not that quiet. The hotel next to us is either emptying or filling their pool. So there is a very loud pump noise that sounds like a bus idling in my living room.

This whole week has me out of sorts.
I have no schedule. No time landmarks. It's one long Saturday without the fun of going out.

I usually wake up when G does or shortly after. Then after he leaves for work, I read my blogs, play some Neopets, have my coffee. Then it's time to get showered and dressed. Clean or do whatever errands I have to do. After that I have time to write my post, make my calls for the week, or do whatever lingering tasks are calling for attention.

This week I just can't get it together. I'm way off of my game.

I can't wait until Monday.

Yesterday I had three drags. I know. I know. The good news. I actually felt nauseous and got a headache from it.
My body isn't liking the smokes now.

Maybe that's making me a bit out of sorts also.
The realization that I am really done with something I really enjoyed doing.
The body adjusted faster than the mind.

I do however get to be joyously happy with the knowledge that my DaveToon Halloween shirt has shipped! And in 4-10 days will be in my possession. YAY!!!

The shirt is for Avitable's Halloween Party. You can read more about it on Avitable's post.

They are pretty awesome looking.

I will post a picture when it arrives :)

I will be wearing pants.


  1. Thanks for ordering one! You've helped the party become a success. Hopefully you'll be joining us on November 1?

  2. I would love to, but it's just a wee bit to far travel wise for me.
    I am very glad to help out though :)


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