Monday, August 18, 2008

Twitter Wish And a Rolled Sausage

I do actually have a twitter account, my Twitter. It's okay.
It's just that it's more fun for cell phone people, I think.

With the desk top at home there's not a lot going on.
How many times can you update, "Cleaned up cat puke. Doing dishes now." Really.

I do not have a cell phone. Don't have kids to keep up with, don't want to be tracked down wherever I am, don't have 70-150 dollars extra hanging around to pay every month. The usual.


I probably would have sold G to the gypsies for a cell phone with a Twitter app on Friday night.

I wasn't going to go out. But everyone called, so what could I do?
Got myself ready to go, of course!

I was with Jess that night. She has been working her ass off for ages and doesn't get many days off.
She had Saturday off so she wanted to get drunk ass on Friday.

We started at KoldOnes, where she sucked down three.
She was getting tipsy, but was okay, then she started to get antsy.

Jess decided she wanted to go to Buffalo.
Instead we head over to Uncs and Bragg's only to see that it is way to early for anyone to be out yet.

She decides she wants to go to Buffalo. Again.

Yeah. As if getting in the car with her at this point would be a good idea. Ummm, no. And can I mention the guy on Uncs porch who was all "Yeah! Let's go to Buffalo! Let's go!" was not helping in any way, shape or form.
As if we'd take him with us! Step back sparky!

After lots of bouncing around we ended up at Uncs patio with Ton and Ger.

This would be where I so so badly wished I had the phone.

Jess gets an Italian sausage from the vender. It rolls clear off her plate and under the table.

The vender comes over and says he'll get her a new one, but in fact he only rinses it off.

To be able to Twat the episode as it happened would have been great.


I couldn't twitter any of it.

But hey I have this!

And pictures!


The felled sausage.


Jess poses with rinsed off food.


Yep. She ate it.

Picture's a little blurry as I was gagging.

She drank more and we headed over to Bragg's for a little dancing. Then back to Uncs and then she headed home.

Her goal solidly met.

All ended well. Her tummy tomorrow may be a different story.

A few more pics from Friday:


It was a full moon. Maybe that explains it.


Our bartenders shirt.
What can I say?


The weekly Ton and Ger picture.


Our cutie, Dom.

Don't forget tonight is The Midlife Gals on BTR. The show starts at 7:00PM EST.

Tomorrow night is Turnbaby Talks at 8:00Pm EST. Also on BTR.

And be sure to stop by Karl and Miss Britt's blogs and wish them well. It's the first full day of no smokes for them. Congrates to both!


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