Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sweet Home...Niagara

The weekend actually started on Thursday around these parts.
It was T's B-Day! Yay T! And it was necessary to have an on actually day drink. Of course.

But first earlier while I lounged around watching Alvin and the Chipmunks (It passed the time). The phone rang, but I couldn't tell who it was. Sounded like a telemarketer to me.

But oh how wrong I was! Very very wrong!

A few minutes later a knock at the window!

It's Dragonboy and his girl, M! Up for a visit from Alabama.

We had a nice visit while sitting outside in the fresh air.
M, was very sweet. And we caught up on a ton of stuff!

They were here till Saturday, so we got to see them Thursday and Friday. Thursday was nice and mellow. An early night.
But Friday, we started early. Hehehe. Saw a ton of folks who came out to wish T a happy B-Day and to visit Dragonboy while he was here.

The vodka flowed easy. To easy. The Goldenschlager did it's part.

We partied hardy for sure!
We also agreed that M is great! And Dragonboy made a good choice.

Was I in lots of pain the next day? Oh yeah.

Did I remember to get numbers and emails? For once. Yes!

Did I remember to take pictures? You bet your ass I did!


M and Dragonboy. Awwww!


G and T after several shots. Damn you Goldenschlager! You taste so yummy!


Dragonboy and Unc chit-chat.


C and his lady were out and about too!


Keith sets up the Golden.


J was bouncing around.


MB, Dragonboy and M. Sweet!


The guys chat about cars and other manly stuff.


Then things take an un-surprising turn!

It was a great visit! I loved seeing my Sci-fi Brother and Tech God again. And meeting his gal was great fun!

Later there will be Italian Fest fun! You can hardly wait, I can tell.

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