Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nicotine, Sweet Nicotine

I quit smoking in March. Of course I was unconscious and had a patch at the time.

I was doing okay for a while. Then the patch became to strong and was making me feel sick. I couldn't get a lower dose patch for three more weeks. Grrr.

It was time to fly without it.

Everything was going along well.

Then G took a week off. And stayed at home. 24 hours. For 9 days.

I was fine the first three days.

Day four was bad.

Day five I smoked.

It was that or disembowel him with whatever was within my reach.

That was sometime in May.

Now recently with the health issues going on, I knew it was time to give it another try.

I quit last week. Unfortunately I did have two smokes during that time. And then three over the weekend.

However. I know I just have to get back up on the horse.

I haven't had a smoke since Friday night. I am on day four.

G has taken a week off . 9 days . It starts Friday. I'm buying lots and lots of junk food to help get me through those days.

Now for the record. It's not him specifically. It could be Mother Teresa in my space for 9 days straight, 24 hours a day. I'm going to be edgy during this time.

Though he has a habit of asking 150 times a day,
"How ya doing with the smoking?"

I know, I really do, that it comes from a good place, a place of concern and caring.

Yet the constant mentioning of the C word or the S word (Cigarettes, Smoking) just makes me want to scream.

For the love of everything! Stop talking about it!

Would you keep asking a former heroin addict that?

"How you doin' with the heroin?"
"You'll feel better after a while without the heroin."
"Heroin's really bad for you. Good thing you quit."
"Let's watch Sid and Nancy."

Now I'm writing about it!Doh

I think the remote or maybe that water bottle are well within my reach.

Tonight Miss Britt and Avitable will be discussing the death penalty.
Ironically enough! LOL!


Then The Jester Show is at 10:00PM EST.

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