Sunday, August 10, 2008

Late Sunday Evening

It's raining. And it's cold. It may feel more like October than August, but it's all okay. I like October.

I've put on my flannel bottoms and a sweater. It is only 57 degrees outside after all. I've made some hot tea and relaxed on the couch all day.
I've flipped between the Olympics and a Doris Day movie.  Napping on and off, letting the sweet words from the vodka fade from my mind and my body.

I eventually made some tacos for dinner. You can still smell the warm spices in the house. It's all very lulling.

The weekend came and went. Just nice friends and a mellow Saturday evening.

I have a few pictures I'll put up tomorrow.

For now I simply want to remain on the couch with the cats laying around me and watching oh, whatever I stumble upon that glimmers the faintest interest.

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