Sunday, August 3, 2008

Creative Photography #8

To have a look at some great photography or to enter yourself visit Creative Photography and have a look around!


This time I thought I would go with the big Catfish.

I took this at the Niagara Falls Aquarium last week.


Played with filters a bit. Have no idea what I did. But I like it.


  1. You've created an eerie mood. I love it.

    Good luck in the contest!

  2. CAtfish are so neat looking, I wouldn't eat one though! Thanks for your Creative Photography submission. :)

  3. Looks a little creepy, I mean the fish not the picture, lol !

  4. Honestly, catfish kind of creep me out anyway (I think it's the whiskers!) and that picture makes 'em even creepier!

    Good luck this week, I'm still working on picking mine out!

  5. They remind me of sea creatures! Especially when I catch one on a hook! :) Good eating though!

  6. I like it. I love the way you played with the filters. It does give a vintage type look. Good job!

    Good Luck


  7. Catfish are not pretty by nature. However, the filtered orange adds a glow to said catfish. Not beauty, but at least a more interesting look.

    Although made into filets, coated with cornmeal and deep fried makes for a prettier fish, at least in my opinion...

  8. Ahhh the underwater cat as my son used to call them.

    It's funny how you said you don't know what you did, that's pretty much how I edit as well :)

    The effect is wonderful!

    I didn't enter this week, all my playing was used up by a vicious client ;)

  9. I've been so slacky this week. I want to thank everyone for their lovely comments! I appreciate them so much :)
    Thank you!


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