Monday, August 4, 2008

Bocce, Food and a Llama Oh My

Saturday I rested up.
I needed it badly. I slept most of the day on and off.

It helped. Sunday I awoke early and got ready to head out to the Italian Festival. It's held every year on Pine Ave. or Little Italy as they call it.  It's a two day affair with more food than you can ever eat in two days.

Mom and I headed out at about 12:30. Lunchtime! Grabbed up an Italian sausage with onions and peppers and found seats with Carole and Godson Z.  While we were eating Jess and DW joined us.  Jess had chili fries with her sausage. They were quite tasty. The sausage was a bit spicy for my fair taste-buds, but I managed.

After that DW headed home for a nap and Carole and the little one had to head home for their next big adventure.

Mom guarded our seats while Jess and I took to the booths for more food. We arrived back with Fried Dough, which mom was craving, and an artichoke flatbread. The artichokes are sauteed up in lemon juice, white wine, garlic and pecorino then place on an olive oil flatbread. Then cheese was melted over top. Dear god it was incredible! Oh my heavens!

Then it was time for a little Gelato.  Yummy!

I was stuffed beyond reason. I'm writing this Monday morning at about 9:30AM and I still feel full. I may not need to eat until tonight. Or tomorrow.

After that we felt we may need to move. Get the blood going a bit. So we headed over to the Bocce Ball games.
There we watched as various council members and our mayor played their hearts out.
Did they win? Have no idea.
But everyone was having great fun. And that's what mattered.

Soon though we decided to head home. We were stuffed and had probably exceeded our vitamin D limit with all the sunshine.

On our way out we stopped at the artist tables and mom bought a nice cup/vase. It is really cool. And I grabbed pictures of the llama.

Yes. The petting zoo from the Main Street festival was back. The llama was looking much better this time.

All in all a great Sunday afternoon.
Pictures below. But not of the food. We ate it up so quickly I never even though of getting pictures until we were at home. Next year.


Godson Z, Cutie Pie!


Jess and Carole chit-chat.


DW and Jess cooling down.


Jess poses for the camera.


This man was signing. He had an incredible voice!


Columbus Boat. Not an original.


Bocce ball!


Roll that ball!


Our mayor takes his turn in a spiffy red hat.


Look at all the balls.




Llama head shot.

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